For those who are extremely used to having the path of life open up for you way in advance, as other people do all the groundwork while you stroll into the limelight, then we might think the 1/2 Mile Driveway Alarm is a most suitable gadget for your home. After all, this alarm system will alert you whenever there is a vehicle coming up the driveway – from a whopping half mile away. How is this possible?

Definitely no magic is involved, but you will have a remote motion sensor attached to a mailbox post or address sign that is located at the end of your drive, where it can detect the movement of vehicles which pass up to 50′ away. Having said that, it will send a wireless signal back to the monitor in a home, which makes it perfect for homes that have long driveways.

The monitor itself will generate a tone to alert you that someone is coming to your doorstep, and it can support up to a quartet of sensors for homes that have multiple entrances, where each sensor emits a different tone so you can “hear” which entrance to look at without missing a beat. The 1/2 Mile Driveway Alarm can be yours for $179.95, although we’re not sure whether false alarms are more of the norm than rarity in this case.

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