The Academy Awards: the final bastionary celebration of the non-YouTube-famous. For this week’s Shooting Challenge, you created homages to your favorite films of the year.

13 New Best Picture NomineesWINNER: The Adventures of Tintin

My kids love Tintin. The movie that Steven and Peter did was very entertaining and well done. Here is our tribute to the character and movie. Shot with my Canon T3i with sigma 24mm prime. I shot it with a green screen back drop. Snowy was made from 3 different pictures of wire fox terrier that I found.

The rest was Photoshop. (Obviously)
– Mike Chapman

13 New Best Picture NomineesCraft Service

I am a huge movie fanatic, so I knew I wanted to do more than one film for this challenge (too many good ones this year!)… Inspired by the hilarious s%^$ pie from “The Help”, I decided to create new posters for each of the movies featuring a specific meal or food that was somehow related to the film.

Chances are, if you haven’t seen the films, you most likely won’t get them.

To resemble the cinematography of the original films, I used the “match color” function in Photoshop to apply the colors from the movie poster (or a specific scene) to my food shots. I also played with adjustments and added the logos in Photoshop.

Random fun (and sad) fact: Most of the foods in these shots ended up inedible… For example, the hot dogs were outside (in very cold weather) for a while, so they got frozen and stale… The cream in the “Help” pie ended up melting, and so did the descendants ice cream… Finally, the girl with the dragon tattoo ramen was $1.59… which is in itself problematic. Canon T2i, 100mm lens, f2.8 + Photoshop.
– Diego Jimenez

13 New Best Picture NomineesDrive

My girlfriend and I recently saw Drive and were impressed by the way the lighting in the film was used to draw out Ryan Gosling’s emotions and inner conflicts. I think that without this effect the film would have been very different and probably not even worth seeing. The natural sunlight made the shots warmer and (for us) more comforting, suggesting that behind all of Gosling’s character’s jadedness and cool there is a hint of innocence that he’d like to regain, but obviously can not.

We were going to do a scene re-creation of The Artist, but it just didn’t work out for us. As we were preparing for the shoot, I noticed that there was a lot of sunlight coming from our apartment window. the sun was setting and its reflection was being bounced off a window across the street and hitting my room at full blast. We decided to take a few pictures that try to capture this aspect of Drive. Among the 7 shots, the one I’m sending you is the best. That’s me in the photo looking forlorn and my girlfriend behind the camera.

For this shot we used a Nikon D60 with AF-S Nikkor 135mm lens. The white balance was set to Shade mode and ISO was on auto. We were focusing manually.
– Michael Wong + Haruka Kawasumi

13 New Best Picture NomineesBeginners

I picked the film Beginners! Great film and my relationship with my dog is kind of like the one in the film so that is why I went with a frame from this film. Good movie! So what we did to get this image was pretty hilarious. First of my dog (Picasso) has all the energy in the world and it took forever to even get him to stay on the bench. The bench that didnt exist in that actual spot. I really liked the tree and the light source above them, so we decided to bring in the bench. By bringing in the bench, I mean taking it from a locked gated area in the park, carrying it over the fence and lifting it to the location in the picture. So in all honestly I deserve the award for “best effort” and “best story”. We carried a cement bench over a gate and had a very unstable dog. So thats my story! haha I used a Canon 60D with a cheap stock lens. It was shot at 1600 ISO. F4 with a 1/10 shutter speed. I took a chance on the slow shutter speed. I did not want to get any more grain by changing the ISO. My roommate was the talent along with Picasso! Enjoy! Here is a link to the image.
– Roland Alonzo

13 New Best Picture NomineesSherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

I had a few ideas for this movie and this one proved to turn out the best although another idea was much more preferable it just didn’t look right. The photo was setup with a hodgepodge of parts. I used a turtle basking lamp about 10 feet across the room, a 18″ tall Eiffel Tower, and a Facebook solicited top hat and pipe which surprisingly a friend actually had! The lamp had just enough light to cast the silhouette of me and the Eiffel tower on the wall. Lightroom was used to make the photo black and white and a small adjustment to the exposure and blacks to have the shadow define just a bit more. Previous attempts were taken with tripod which and it is exceedingly difficult to get the right shadow profile by myself so ended up having my wife help with taking the photo so it was a collaborative effort!

The photo is pretty self-explanatory, Sherlocks Holmes in Paris for most of the second movie and depicted by shadows for Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. It might not look like a photo, but it truly is a photo of the shadows 🙂
-Zachary Wong

13 New Best Picture NomineesThe Help

This photo is supposed to be a recreation from a scene from “The Help”. Obviously it is not as accurate as a perfectionist like me would hope but you got to make the most of what you had. I curled my hair to mimic the crazy curly hair Skeeter had in the movie. My typewriter is much older than the 60s but once again, I worked with what I had. I used a Sony a330. My boyfriend actually took the shot for me so I’m not sure of the specifications.
-Elizabeth Fleming

13 New Best Picture NomineesMoneyball

I had tons of different ideas for this weeks challenge from shooting dragons in Chinatown during their Year of the Dragon celebration (Girl in the Dragon Tattoo) to taking a picture of a coin flipping (50/50) but I really love baseball so I chose Moneyball as the movie to base a photo on. Another thing I really enjoy is puzzles. I have this 3D puzzle of a baseball on my home office desk which I wanted to use in a photo. I surrounding it with money and started taking photos of it in one direction. I decided to switch directions. After taking one photo in a new direction I realized my blue Dodgers sweater which was laying on the couch made it into my photo. It was just random luck that it was there. I decided it would be a great item to place in the background and moved it slightly so that more of it would make the shot. Nikon D3100, 18-55 mm 1:3.5-5.6G lens, f/13, 10 sec exposure time, ISO-100.
-Jerardo Arciniega

13 New Best Picture NomineesKung Fu Panda 2

As a parent of a 3 and 5 year old, I don’t make it to the movies very often. I haven’t seen any of the movies up for Best Picture but I was able to enjoy a family night out at the theater with a showing of “Kung Fu Panda 2,” up for Best Animated Film. We enjoyed the movie immensely and I was struck by the amazing visuals, whether CGI or during the paper-style animation flashback scenes, throughout the film. My shot is of Po (my son’s happy meal toy) in front of a paper background with some paper cutouts I added. I backlit the photo with a desk lamp in an attempt to give the panda a little less toy feel. Hope you like it. Canon EOS REBEL T1i, Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, 3.2, f/14, ISO 100
– Matthew Johnson

13 New Best Picture NomineesTinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

One of my favorite movies of 2011 was the adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Throughout the film, allusions are made to the infidelity of George Smiley’s wife, Anne. She is mostly seen in glimpses, or mentioned by other characters. While not trying to make Anne into a sympathetic character, I couldn’t help imagining life being married to George – the never knowing where your husband is, what kind of danger he might be in, and when he might return. The film does a tremendous job of illustrating the loneliness of its spies, but my photograph imagines the loneliness of those who love them. Here, Anne has woken, as she doubtlessly did many nights, alone in bed. Perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of George’s departure, or his return, she stands and gazes out the window. I used a blue filter and soft focus, as so much of the film deals with ambiguities, both moral and otherwise.
– Marion Cotesworthhay

13 New Best Picture NomineesThe Descendants

My favorite movie this past year was The Descendants. The director is Alexander Payne who was nominated as best director, and George Clooney as best actor, and I hope they both win. Alexander Payne was also nominated in 2005 for another movie I thought was terrific, Sideways, and he won for best screenplay that year. Alexander Payne is a special talent so i took the liberty of shooting a shot in homage to a current oscar nominee and his previous oscar win and hope you don’t mind my taking this liberty. I thought of taking a photo of a pineapple for the movie shot in Hawaii, The Descendants, but figured I could do a good job of taking a wine photo for Payne’s previous oscar winner Sideways. (I had the wine, didn’t have a pineapple) I took the shot with a Sony NEX7 and a Nikon 50mm 1.2 AIS lens, shot wide open, ISO 500 and shutter speed 1/60. The hands belong to my son’s girlfriend. We drank the wine and talked about movies and got to thinking about your contest and somehow figured this would work. Hope you accept it.
– John Cecilian

13 New Best Picture NomineesHugo

This week’s challenge was extra challenging for the simple reason that I haven’t seen any of the movie that are nominated except for Hugo. So instead, I went for one that is not nominated but that I enjoyed tremendously – Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows. I have to say that my husband was the master chef for this one. I chose the scene and posed but he took the pictures and put them together for the final image.

Husband here. This is a composite of three images: some trees from the park in the hills behind us; a scary looking wife with kitchen knives; and, most fun, throwing tan bark in the air to get the motion effect at the bottom. All merged together in Pixelmator.
– Georgina Lawrence

13 New Best Picture NomineesHugo

I absolutely LOVED “Hugo” – especially learning about Méliès. I am lucky because I got to see the film at the Alamo Drafthouse and there was a ton of pre-show footage. This image is an homage to “Hugo,” but really it is ultimately an homage to Méliès. Scorsese deserves the Oscar for this 😉

The moon pic is mine ( taken 01/26/12 – f/5.8, ISO-80, 1/30 sec). The lovely lady is from stock by
– Karen Tarlow

13 New Best Picture NomineesSource Code

Working in the software industry, you spend more than a third of your day glued in front of the monitor,trying to make sense out of ‘for’s and ‘if’s. And then there are those breaks after every couple of hours, when you switch to Gizmodo and check which company is suing which other company over patent infringement.
And then there are those Shooting Challenges posts which you look forward to, every week.

As soon as I read about the challenge, I started remembering all the movies I had watched in the past year,right from the The Mechanic to Sherlock. And after 10 odd minutes of pondering, I thought why make something good out of work I do.

I wrote a small piece of a code, the ubiquitous “Hello World” program, and named the class as Source Code. A homage not only a good movie from the past year,but also to all those coders who start off any language with the same “Hello World”. Shot using Canon 1100D. f/4.5, 1/10 sec, ISO-200
-Neel Indap

So, the Oscars are, what, this weekend? That’ll be fun. Oh wait, that’s the Superbowl. So next weekend then. No? The one after? ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT THE OSCARS AREN’T FOR LIKE A MONTH?!? WHY IS EVERYONE FREAKING TALKING ABOUT THEM THEN?!? HOW MUCH LEAD TIME DOES SOMEONE NEED TO DRYCLEAN A FREAKING TUX?!?

Find the full-size shots on flickr.

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