3 Reasons You May Need Earthquake Insurance

David Sayles Insurance

3 Reasons You May Need Earthquake Insurance

While you may be prepared for fire and theft, there are other disasters that have the potential to be devastating to your home. There are three key aspects that may put you at higher risk, and it is important to have earthquake insurance to protect your home and belongings.

The Ground Beneath You

As reported by David Sayles Insurance, building on softer materials makes it more likely that the soil will liquefy and cause more significant shifts to the foundation. Without bedrock, the harm could be more significant and ruin more property.

The Neighborhood Around You

A highly populated city is more likely to have physical damage due to the proximity of buildings and varying zoning standards. Even if your building has adequate protections, nearby damage can still affect you.

The Materials Surrounding You

Rigid materials are more likely to break under pressure than materials that have the ability to give. If your home is inflexible, you may sustain worse damage and need to completely rebuild.
It is important to be prepared for whatever nature has to throw at you, and that includes earthquakes. Even if you do not live near a famous fault line, your home may be susceptible to damage from shifts in the earth’s crust and should be protected.