Byrnes Agency

Tractors are one of the more dangerous tools that farmers handle. Tractor overturns, for example, are one of the leading causes of farming fatalities. Here are three tips for avoiding tractor-related injuries.

  1. Having a Roll-Over Protective Structure

ROPS is a feature that helps protect a driver in the event of a roll-over. It typically involves roll bars and/or roll cages, which give the driver a bit of space that protects him or her from the ground. Driving a tractor without a ROPS system can lead to a professional liability insurance lawsuit. As per Byrnes Agency, this is one of the many reasons tractor insurance can allow farmers to rest easy, knowing that they will be covered in the event of an accident.

  1. Keeping Up With Maintenance

Farmers should be proactive when maintaining their tractors. This means checking the brakes, lights and signals regularly.

  1. Avoiding Vehicular Roadways

Tractors and ordinary vehicles do not always mix. Avoid driving on a vehicular roadway, particularly during peak traffic times. If you must share the road, be sure to alert other drivers that you are in a slow-moving vehicle.

Always err on the side of caution when driving a tractor. These enormous and powerful machines can work wonders in the field, but can quickly become unsafe if farmers are not aware, or are negligent, of the necessary safety procedures.