If you love heading out on long road trips, then surely keeping yourself entertained behind the wheel involves far more than just playing games with your kids in counting the number of select makes of cars or guessing the state where the car is from, as some of us prefer something more passive like soothing music in order to drown out the banter from the kids at the back. It is also nice when you can enjoy your favorite ballad with your loved one sitting right next to you, so why not depart from the safety and familiarity of a playlist on your iPod and take your chances with the $99.95 45,000 Station Car Radio?

This in-car device will play nice with an iPhone in order to access more than 45,000 AM/FM and Internet radio stations. All you need to do is make sure it is powered by the vehicle’s 12-volt power socket, where it will “talk” to the iPhone via Bluetooth. A radio station of your choice will be streamed through an iPhone, where it is then played through a car’s radio over an unused FM frequency.

The free iPhone app can stream 45,000 stations live, and these will also comprise nationwide NPR stations as well as Pandora and Grooveshark stations. It seems to be quite the entertainment device to own, especially when there are still 10 hours to go to your holiday destination.

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