Orange and blue aren’t just great for mascots; they’re complementary colors—or opposites, really, that cancel one another out when mixed. But when placed side-by-side, they’re striking. Here are 74 incredible examples from this week’s Shooting Challenge.

74 Photos Capturing the Most Striking Colors PossibleWinner – Antelope Canyon

I used a Nikon D5000 with a Sigma 18-200mm lens. My family and I are on a RV trip across the southwest. This picture was taken at a place called Antelope Canyon. It is located near Page Arizona on a Navajo reservation. When i saw you guys were doing the colors photo contest I wasn’t sure if i was going to be able to get that type of shot. I truly got lucky here. The way the light reacted to the walls is nothing short of magical. The shot was taken looking vertically up the canyon. The reflection of the light makes the bright side look blue and the outer canyon look orange. Since i am on vacation i have no editing software so the picture is exactly how i took it with no modifications. What a beautiful location!
– Eric Geary

74 Photos Capturing the Most Striking Colors PossibleOrigami Nails

I have been doing a lot of origami lately, but rather than photograph the models, I decided to try to capture (somewhat abstractly) making origami. It warranted a new complementary nail varnish colour. f/2.8, ISO-400, 1/25 sec
-Jeannie Moulton

74 Photos Capturing the Most Striking Colors PossibleFlower on Sky

My name is Philip Palermo, freelance photographer (and soon-to-be laid off Software Tester). Attached to this email is my first-ever entry to your Shooting Challenge contest. I’m trying to learn the ins and outs of this impressive camera so I can use it as part of my gear for a wedding next Saturday. Once I saw the Shooting Challenge theme, I looked in our backyard. I noticed our sunflowers were taking on this nice orange shade as the sunny weather winds down. With the X100’s ND filter and hi-speed flash sync capabilities, I thought this would be a great chance to experiment with the camera. Camera: Fujifilm X100 with built-in Neutral Density filter enabled, Lighting: 2x Nikon SB-600 flashes in Manual Mode (1/4 power) mounted on 2x 43″ silver reflective umbrellas and attached to the camera via a TTL coiled remote cord and a TTL extension remote cord. Shot: f/2 Aperture, 1/500 sec. Shutter, ISO 200, 23mm Focal Length (fixed lens camera)
– Philip Palermo

74 Photos Capturing the Most Striking Colors PossibleClosing Time for Lily

Picture taken of a closing lily in the small fish pond off our porch. Wish I could get one of the frogs to sit still, but they’re not having it.
Sony A55 52mm w/2x macro lens f8.0 -0.3exp 1600 iso.
– Marvin Francois

74 Photos Capturing the Most Striking Colors PossibleRock Garden

I spent the morning in the foothills shooting an area known as “Rock Garden.” On the hike out I spied this very cool rock formation that had just begun to be lit up by the sunrise. I read of this week’s photo challenge while processing my images later that day. a saturation tweak to the already present golden orange and sky blue was all that was needed. Canon 60D, 24-105 f/4L, f/11, 1/60, ISO100
– Micah Rydman

74 Photos Capturing the Most Striking Colors PossibleAnother Piece of Furniture

I bought a red bass guitar with the best intentions of practicing every day. This is about the most action this poor bass has seen in the months I’ve had it. Complimenting it is my chartreuse chair. Chartreuse is truly the best color ever. Canon Rebel T1i, 50mm 1:1.4, 3200 ISO, f/6.3, 1/15
– Tina Pierce

74 Photos Capturing the Most Striking Colors PossibleBronco

I was hanging out with a friend today and his dad took us for a cruise in his 1972 Ford Bronco that he recently restored. We stopped and took a few pictures during the drive. After I got home, I remembered this weeks challenge and figured the orange Bronco and the blue sky would be a perfect photo of complementary colors to submit! This photo was taken near La Crosse, WI. The picture is an HDR and was taken at f/22, ISO 100, and 24mm focal length with a Canon EOS 60D.
-Logan Thomas

74 Photos Capturing the Most Striking Colors PossibleTomato Sunrise

I haven’t been up for too much photo taking recently but I’m glad I got this one completed. I am actually pleased with how my shot came out. I was a little hesitant to submit it since it looks a little similar to the lead photo on the challenge page but I went with it anyway. It is a macro shot of an orange tomato from our garden in a blue bowl taken with my kit lens attached to some extension tubes. I think it looks like an alien sun with the little hairs sticking out of the tomato. Canon EOS REBEL T1i, Canon EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens, Extension tubes, 1/200, ISO 1250
-Matthew Johnson

It’s remarkable how many people executed the same idea differently this week, like an orange flower surrounded by blue sky, or a mix of M&Ms. Find the full galleries below and wallpapers on flickr.

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