I have no idea why it’s so captivating. But capturing, not just an object, but its reflection is an effective photographic motif as old as photographs themselves. And for this week’s Shooting Challenge, you mastered the technique.

75 Reflective Photographs of ReflectionsWinner: Well-Manicured

I was walking around in the city, and I happened to notice a really cool reflection on the entrance machine (not sure what they’re called) to a building. I snapped the picture, not expecting much, but it turned out pretty well so I did some editing in LR. Leica X1 f/16 1/30 ISO 100
– Jeremy Cai

75 Reflective Photographs of ReflectionsBlue Palawan

Taken with the iPhone 4s today at El Nido Lagen Island Resort in Palawan, Philippines. The reflection was created by the pool. I’ve been to this resort several times but I never got a chance to take a good reflection picture because the pool is normally filled with people. Luckily, or unluckily, the weather on our mini-vacation was less than ideal and it rained most of the weekend. I snapped this during the lull around breakfast time.
– Janelle Campos

75 Reflective Photographs of ReflectionsRising Tide

This is the real story behind this reflection photo. The photo is the last frame of a timelapse I was shooting just before I had to pull it out of the rising tide. Canon 7D, ISO 100, Sigma Fisheye 10mm, f/10, 1/320 sec
– Matthew Lawless

75 Reflective Photographs of ReflectionsCouple

This was taken at a friend’s annual party in the middle of a remote desert. A couple was standing underneath a nifty homemade LED effect light that was reflecting off of the desert sand. I asked them to strike a few poses and I decided to have them lean in for a kiss while I snagged a few shots. I was only going to shoot the shadow on the ground at first but I loved how the overhead light provided a cool outline of the couple. Taken on my Nikon D5100. f1.8, 1/25sec, 35mm, 800 ISO
– Dan Durakovich

75 Reflective Photographs of ReflectionsLa Défense

I knew I wanted to photograph one of Paris’ landmarks for this contest. After taking the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triumph and a few others off the list, I settled for the Arche de la Défense in the middle of the financial district. I brought a bottle of water with me thinking I could pour some on the ground and have a nice reflection waiting for me shoot. After about 5 very unsuccessful attempts, I gave up and remembered there was a fountain a little further away. I shot about 100 photos and settled for the one with the best reflections, and almost-symetrical sun rays and fountain tiles. Canon 5D Mark I – 28-135mm at 28mm – f/8 – 1/60s – ISO 200
-Ben Lanon

75 Reflective Photographs of ReflectionsLittle Guy

Went to the Bronx Zoo with some guys from work to enjoy the day and take pictures. I was walking through World of Reptiles and grabbed this picture. Camera: Canon 60D, Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II, Shutter Speed: 1/50, Aperture: 2.8, ISO: 800
– Allen Serhat

75 Reflective Photographs of ReflectionsHighline Park

I was at the Highline Park in New York last Friday evening to practice some photography when I remembered the Gizmodo Shooting Challenge for the week. As I went around hunting for reflections, I found this nice glass pane that was by one of the entry stairs to the park. I sat myself down on the floor for roughly 30mins at that spot taking pictures when this particular pair came along. I had seen them around the park earlier that evening taking pictures and they had seemed to be arguing with each other a bit. After the guy jumped off of that little ledge, he extended his arm out to the girl, which I thought was very sweet on his part. Unfortunately for him, the girl apparently didn’t want the help, and instead just glared at him and jumped off on her own. So much for chivalry!

The picture was taken with a Nikon D90 with f 11.0, 1/25s, ISO 500 at a focal length of 48mm on a 18-105mm lens. It was taken in RAW format and later edited in Lightroom which I’ve just started using and is actually a lot of fun to play around with.
– Isamu Pantre

75 Reflective Photographs of ReflectionsNight Audit

I work as an auditor in Auckland, New Zealand. Late nights are part of my job description and I walk past what you see in the photo every night after I finish work. I recently invested in the D5100 and haven’t had a chance to get myself a tripod yet. The photo is of the National Bank building (glass panel exterior), which reflected the Sky Tower (iconic tower of New Zealand). It took quite a few attempts without the tripod (see settings below) but I got it in the end. Equipment: Nikon D5100, VR 18-55mm lens. Setting: 1/13s, f/3.8, ISO 3200
– David Pei

75 Reflective Photographs of ReflectionsUrban Garden

For this week’s challenge, I decided to go around downtown Seattle and see if I could get any photos of the sky off Seattle skyscrapers’ windows. I had trouble finding any buildings that gave a good reflection, so I decided to head home. On the way, I stumbled upon this reflection of “Urban Garden”, a 27-foot-tall sculpture by Seattle artist Ginny Ruffner, and I realized that this reflection was actually better than anything I had originally planned to photograph, so here it is! It’s taken with an Olympus E-PL1 at 61mm, 1/25 sec, f/4.1, and ISO 200. I did some brightness and exposure adjustments on Paint.net and Lightroom.
– Lucas Lin

Thanks to everyone for participating! So many amazing shots this week, if you weren’t featured, it’s only because we couldn’t feature everyone. Also, for whatever reason, we had an influx of old shots this week—stuff from photo portfolios, rather than shots taken after the assignment. I assume that’s because the challenge ended up on a message board somewhere. Let’s keep these weekly challenges pure and keep shooting shots together. And I don’t say it enough, but I appreciate all of you who show up every week and play by the rules. It’s what makes these collections so special. The galleries are below. Big shots on flickr.

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