A Niche Insurance Market is Emerging

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A Niche Insurance Market is Emerging

An increase in remote work is creating an increase in the number of members of an emerging demographic: digital nomads. These workers are typically technically savvy and freely roaming, which means their needs are quite different from traditionally-rooted workers. As this market emerges, it is important that your company possesses robust niche insurance program development to meet their growing needs. Here are some features that digital nomads might expect from their insurers:

Electronic Notices

Since digital nomads are by definition not rooted to a single location, it wouldn’t make sense to send paper notices and documents to a physical mailbox. Travelers need to access their documents online via email, text, or secured messaging systems hosted on the insurer’s website for maximum accessibility.

Customer Service Chat Boxes

Cell phone service is not a given for all parts of the globe; therefore, it may be difficult for a digital nomad to make a phone call when they need assistance from an agent. An online chat box hosted on the insurer’s website is a great alternative to a customer service phone line.

24/7 Customer Service

Because digital nomads tend to enter and exit different time zones frequently, it can be difficult for them to adhere to a single time zone inhabited by a customer service center. Offering 24/7 customer service allows a digital nomad to reach an agent in Eastern Standard Time one day and Hawaiian Standard Time the next.

Your niche insurance program development should encompass newly-emerging needs based on easy policy access no matter where a customer is in the world.