John McCambridge is a surfer. He’s also an artist, and is one of the minds behind the Mollusk Surf Shop in San Francisco, Venice Beach, and Brooklyn. His latest venture is “Mollusk at Voyager.” Basically, it’s a submarine.

Mollusk is one of three businesses—Revolver, the Michael Rosenthal Art Gallery, and themselves—working together at the Voyager mall to create a sort of “permanent street fair” in the Mission. Like at their other locations, McCambridge and his art partner Jay Nelson sell clothes, artwork, and surfboards. But it’s the fact that it’s all housed in a wooden submarine that makes it that much more exceptional.

They started by using 2×2′s to construct the shell of the sub, inspired by the skeleton of a whale… The sub is lined with windows, which look out into a blue painted wall that really makes it feel like you’re underwater. There’s a hatch on the top, and a bunk bed along the left side of the sub. Dominating the interior is a periscope, which you can (and should) look into.

I almost wish I could live inside it. Every house needs a periscope. [The Scuttlefish, 7×7]

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