Owning a business carries significant potential risks. Opportunities for loss involve property, equipment, human assets, goods, and intangibles such as potential business mistakes or business interruption. Lucky for you, business insurance Denver has policies to cover all of these circumstances and more.
Some policies for business insurance Denver provide protection against unforeseeable and potentially catastrophic events. Your business property, equipment, or supplies can be damaged by wind, water, fire, or an earthquake. They can also be affected by vandalism or theft. Coverage regarding such circumstances can protect you against devastating financial losses.
You can buy coverage that protects your human assets too. Negative circumstances involving your employees can be extremely costly and harmful to your productivity. Worker’s compensation protects you should an employee be injured on the job. Group health insurance provides health care benefits to your employees.
There are also intangible assets for which you will want business insurance Denver coverage. General liability insurance is available for businesses. Errors and omissions coverage protects you against potentially costly professional mistakes that affect your clientele. You can also work with your insurance agent to develop policies which provide coverage for attributes unique to your profession.
As a business owner, you assume tremendous risk. This doesn’t have cause you undue stress if you are careful to protect your assets with adequate comprehensive business insurance policies.