If you are a business professional in the medical field, legal field, insurance field, or something similar, you know the importance of ensuring that every document you complete is proofread and as perfect as possible. However, everyone understands that mistakes certainly do happen, especially in this day of age with technology. It is easy to misspell something while typing, or forget to add another zero to a financial document. As a result, you mistakes can lead to serious lawsuits by the upset consumer. For example, if you write an important insurance claim for an individual that is supposed to say $100,000 but it only says $10,000, the individual is likely to press charges and sue the company in which you work. Therefore, it is vital that you have error and omissions insurance.

This type of insurance will help to ensure that your document is covered in the unexpected event that there is an actual error on the document. Every professional should have some type of error and omissions insurance to make sure that they are covered from lawsuits. If you are interested in learning more about this type of insurance, you should talk to your current insurance agent to see if him or her offer this coverage. You can also look online for agents in your area that offer this type of insurance for business and legal professionals.