You are the one who is responsible for having the right coverages in martial arts insurance portfolio as an instructor. To build the right type of insurance portfolio for your business it is essential to find the right insurance agent. One that is familiar with your industry you work in and also knows which insurance companies are willing to cover this type of business.
Being a martial arts instructor can be a very risky endeavor. It can be a profitable endeavor, not to mention being lucky enough to work at something you love. Martial arts insurance coverage can be complicated to put together. Be sure to ask a lot of questions when researching insurance coverages. There are many different coverages, limits of liability, exclusions, and endorsements. Each of these has a purpose and a premium that goes with it. Be sure to ask your agent about any exclusions. When there is a loss is no time to find out about an exclusion.
Whether you work independently or for a fitness studio, there are insurance packages available to protect you and your business. Your insurance agent will help you put together your martial arts insurance. Each situation is unique and so should your policy be unique as well. Working with an experienced insurance agent will help assure that you will be covered in case of an accident and possible litigation.