Professional daycare centers pride themselves on their ability to take care of the children of other parents and provide the kind of safe, nurturing environment that the parents themselves would provide given the right circumstances. The caretakers themselves can be confident that in turn, profession daycare insurance providers are aware of their specific insurance needs, and are working to make sure they are taken care of in the event of an accident or other liability incident.

Daycare centers are most concerned with liability and accidents. Their pint-sized clients are the members of society least able to take care of themselves, make rational decisions, control exuberant behavior, and be able to withstand the accidental blows of “fellow clients”. It is said that the incidence of accidents in a daycare center rivals that of some of the world’s most dangerous worksites, including skyscraper construction, bridge building, and oil rig workmen. The common daycare center has plenty of ways for a child to hurt themselves. There is the ubiquitous playground equipment that seems to be part and parcel of any daycare. There are the large collection of toys, books, and other objects that, no matter how safe they are designed to be, are often part of a clever child’s accident. There is the food and drink that can also cause problems, especially in sensitive or allergic children. All these needs combine to provide a template used by daycare insurance providers to protect their client daycare centers.