As a business owner, you may not realize how much damage can be caused by even a few inches of water in the event of flooding. Many companies go out of business and never reopen their doors after a flood because of the substantial amount of loss. There is a way to protect your business from the losses of a flood. This is by purchasing commercial flood insurance. If you own your own building, you can purchase the flood insurance to cover your building as well as the items inside y our building. You need to purchase the flood insurance from a Florida commercial insurance company ahead of time because once your purchase the flood insurance, there is a 30 day waiting period to be able to use the policy.
Flood insurance can cover damages to your property and your contents of your building if you purchase a policy specifically stating this. This is a good idea since many businesses have thousands of dollars of items in their business such as displays, office equipment such as copiers, printers and computers, office furniture and other things. If you are covered by a commercial flood policy and you do suffer damages because of a flood, you can then ask your Florida commercial insurance agent to help you recover the money to replace your damaged items and building.