Insurance Colorado Springs for commercial general liability is an important part of the overall coverage for your business. General liability coverage will cover you and your business in the event someone is hurt on your property. It will also cover property damage your employees might do to someone else’s property.
Insurance Colorado Springs for commercial general liability would also cover you and your partners and their spouses if any were to be sued for something they did in an official capacity related to your business. Your general liability insurance policy will provide financial protection from the risks that any business owner may incur. The insurance company will cover your defense or investigate a suit or claim against you. It will also pay for any judgment resulting from a covered lawsuit. However, be aware that may not include punitive damages.
Also within in your insurance Colorado Springs for commercial general liability is medical care cost for anyone injured on your property. Your general liability coverage has products and completed operations coverage. This will provide coverage if something your company manufactures or a service your company provides causes an injury. Having an insurance agent that is familiar not only with your type of business, but also with writing commercial insurance coverage is in your best interest. You don’t want to find out you do not have adequate coverage after there is a loss.