Colorado Springs insurance for commercial property can be a bit tricky. Things that will impact your premium are: if you do or do not own the building, the type of industry in which you do business, where your business is located, and the limits of liability you need. If you are leasing a building how your lease is written may have a say in what coverages you will need to carry.
The limits of liability for your Colorado Springs insurance for commercial property will depend on what you have. If you have a building to cover you may want to cover it for replacement cost rather than actual cash value. This would allow you to rebuild in today’s market. Be careful with this because if you are not carrying the correct limit for replacement cost you could be penalized. Work closely with your agent on this to make sure you have the right limit. How much of a personal property limit you will want to carry will depend on how much stock you carry at one time and how much you have invested in furniture and fixtures.
Especially in regards to Colorado Springs insurance for commercial property coverage you want an insurance agent that is familiar with writing this type of business. It seems like the insurance companies are adding new exclusion every year. Having an agent that is up on current changes in the industry is very important.