Bobtail is a term used to apply to auto liability coverage for an owner/operator after a load has been delivered and while the truck is not being used in the business of the motor carrier. If this coverage is not part of the commercial trucking insurance policy of the motor carrier you work for, it is something to consider getting on your own.
This type of liability insurance pertains to the trucking industry. It covers a tractor traveling without a trailer.This usually occurs when an owner/operator is operating the vehicle for personal use only and not in the course of transporting property for the motor carrier under whose operating authority they haul. Many commercial trucking insurance policies include this type of coverage, but you need to check with the motor carrier to make sure. The way of providing bobtail liability is a business auto policy with the truckers insurance for non-trucking use endorsement attached.
Commercial trucking insurance can be confusing and complicated. Often times bobtail insurance and non-trucking liability are used interchangeably. They’re not the same thing. Bobtail insurance typically protects the tractor when it’s being operated without a trailer, regardless of whether or not it’s under dispatch. Non-Trucking Liability, however, protects the tractor when it’s being operated off dispatch, regardless of whether or not it’s pulling a trailer. It is important to check with your agent to make sure you’re adequately covered.