For jobs involving rigging, including those that require crane, scaffolding, and steel erection, it becomes even more important to have the proper rigging insurance. This is a difficult job to find out whether you have this insurance or not just by reading the contract. The language is written by a lawyer in terms of the insurance industry – the important details of the document can be lost in words only an insurance lawyer could truly understand. Although having a basic understanding of what the contract includes, it’s even more important being able to choose an insurance agency whose expertise you can trust, and be able to consult with them about choosing the proper rigging insurance.

Finding the right insurance agency may be a bit of a challenge. A good place to start is by getting to know your current insurer better. Ask to see their client list and see if they have a healthy number of construction companies such as you as clients. If any of these companies have been around awhile, go speak to them to see how they have been handled by your insurer, particular in the claims department. A denied claim can often mean that the insurance company did not put all of the correct policies in place. Make sure there are not a lot denied claims, and try to find if some of those claims are due to the client not accepting the insurance to cut costs on premiums, or that it was never recommended in the first place. After digging in a bit, you will be better prepared to trust your insurance company, or look for a new one if necessary.