Take a moment and think of the profession in which you work. Do you ever draft legal documents or professional documents? What about insurance plans for consumers or similar incentive plans? If you find yourself typing up important documents on a regular basis, you understand the importance of proofreading everything you create. However, just because you proofread something, it does not mean that the document is perfect and free of all mistakes and errors. While you certainly can try to make it as perfect as possible, everyone understands that mistakes and accidents can happen at anytime, and like all accidents, they are completely unexpected. Fortunately, there is something called error and omissions insurance, which offers protection for professionals upon drafting various documents during their career activities.

This insurance allows you to be protected from lawsuits that may result due to an error in one of the documents that you drafted or created. Therefore, it is important that you meet with an agent to get the insurance plan set up as soon as possible. You do not want to take the chance of a possible lawsuit when you have error and omissions insurance available to you. You will want to discuss the specific details and financial matters with your insurance agent to ensure that the plan you receive compliments your individual needs and desires to be successful within your business.