Do you have a company that offers services that may be high risk? Maybe your have employees that use scaffolding and are constantly in a dangerous situation. If this is you and your are considering adding some additional insurance to your company, you may want to consider excess Workers Compensation for your organization. With this additional coverage, you can add both the benefit of a catastrophic claim as well a peace of mind in case their ever were a catastrophic claim made against your organization.
You might be thinking that you already have workers compensation for your employees and why would I need to consider excess Workers Compensation? With this type of additional coverage you have the flexibility to cover a higher amount on your workers compensations claims. So, if you are already paying for workers compensation, you might only have a $10,000 cap on this insurance. The excess insurance would pay for anything above that amount up to a certain amount; whatever you have paid for.
As you can see, having an organization with high risks can be risky in itself and can cause you stress. By taking advantage of excess Workers Compensation and paying for an added benefit, you will most likely be able to let go of some of the stress that you have and spend more time on your business and more clientele.