You have high expectations from your employees and sales personnel. You work hard to offer the best deals on cars and hope to maintain a reputation of quality and integrity. In keeping with your expectations, you expect to be protected with the best coverage you can get with your Car Dealer Insurance policy.
There are several important things to look for in a better than average Car Dealer Insurance policy. Your coverage begins with a physical damage protection portion. This should cover the automobiles and buildings on the dealership property and at all sales events, including any auctions or trade shows you wish to participate in. This coverage should extend to the protection of the automobiles, customers, and employees during test drive situations.
It will be important that your Car Dealer Insurance covers any services that your dealership provides. If you offer in house financing, those loans need to be protected. If your dealership offers servicing, the equipment, machinery, and all employees need to be covered. Even a waiting area, should have specific and appropriate insurance coverage. All legitimate and legally bonded transactions should be an automatic portion of the insurance coverage.
Your dealership coverage should also include all of your employees. You may choose to offer health, vision and dental insurance to your employees. You should always protect yourself with an employer practices portion of the policy.
Expect your insurance company to offer flexible deductions and risk management education information. When you expect the best from yourself, you should also expect the best from your insurance coverage.