Captive Solutions insurance companies are easily found online, but they may or may not the kind of captives that you need for your insurance wants. The different classifications of a captive insurance company are series, LLC captives, rent-a-captives, protected cell captives, agency captives, associations captives, single-parent captives, and risk retention groups. Each kind of Captive Solutions company will have it’s own good and bad points which you should research thoroughly to ensure that you are getting what you need from the company. Some of the reasons that you may need a Captive Solutions company are heavy or increasing premiums, high malpractice premiums, difficulty in obtaining coverage, inflexible credit rating, differences in coverage in different parts of the nation or world, and insufficient credit for deductibles, as well as many more.

When a parent company decides to start a captive insurance company for their dependent companies this is called a single-parent captive, since the captive and it’s insured companies have the same parent company it can carry more specific kinds of insurance and better cover the needs of the insured. Other types of captives may have more limited features and some may only carry one type of insurance. Each kind of captive and each individual captive will have different premiums and different policies which coincide with state and federal guidelines, but which may vary widely depending on the owner of the captive and the type of captive.