If you are a contractor is essential that you purchase some contractor insurance Orlando. In professions that involve manual labor, like construction, workers and anybody else in the immediate area are at more of a risk to sustain injuries, so adequate insurance is especially important. Most businesses purchase general liability insurance when they purchase business insurance, and any contractor should purchase general liability insurance. General liability insurance covers any physical injury or property damage sustained by a third party that you are liable for. In an environment where dangerous accidents can occur, you need liability coverage.

If you are a contractor and you plan on hiring employees rather than working with subcontractors, you need to purchase the related employee insurance: workers compensation and employment practices liability. Workers compensation is legally required and it pays out to employees who qualify and employment practices liability will cover any suits brought to you buy a current or former employee. If you need to purchase contractor insurance Orlando then you should talk to your insurance agent about what your current insurance company offers for contractors insurance. If you do not feel like the same insurance company you use for auto insurance or homeowners insurance is the best company for your contractor insurance; then you might want to look at insurance companies that specialize in professional and commercial insurance policies.