The search for an appropriate program insurance carrier starts at home, so to speak. Identifying the specific needs of the organization looking for program insurance is the first step. Whether it is a community outreach program, an entity of the body art industry, or an extension of the public school system, these programs need an insurance policy that is written specifically to that program.
Next, peer groups should be turned to. Organizations with existing insurance coverage can provide recommendations about insurance providers and can answer specific questions dealing with the insurance coverage. Those organizations can also be a valuable resource in preparing for the next step.
Interviews with the prospective insurance providers should be scheduled. During these interviews, expect to receive personal attention. The representative of the agency should be able to answer the specific questions dealing with the organization to be insured. A general atmosphere of competence and efficiency is nice, but a demonstration that proves that competence is essential. Ask about the availability of agents when questions and emergencies arise. Question the representative about the manner that billing is determined and about local issues that affect the organization.
After a few program insurance carriers have been identified as favorites, extensive research should be completed on those carriers. Look into the history of the company and contact organizations that have a history with the insurance carrier. Look for reports and other non-affiliated literature that provides information about the insurance carrier.