When shopping for semi truck insurance, it is important to know what your legal requirements are. Trucking insurance is mandatory in all 50 states and not having proper coverage could cost your expensive fines or your trucking license. Having trucking insurance is a way to protect drivers when they are in an accident and to protect the driver who is at fault.

In order to stay legal on the road, you will need to at least have minimum liability coverage. This type of truck insurance covers the injuries and damages that may occur to the other driver and their vehicle in the event of an accident.

You may want to consider additional forms of semi truck insurance such as general liability. This type of insurance covers your semi-truck when you are not on the road. Trucking liability insurance covers accidents that may occur in parking lots, rest stops, or while loading or unloading your truck. It also covers risks like vandalism and theft.

Talk to your insurance company about the types of insurance that would be best for you and your truck along with any additional coverage that may give you extra protection. Just keep in mind that you will need at least some semi truck insurance coverage or you may face hefty fines and could even lose your trucking license if you do not have proof of proper coverage.