There are several important components of a comprehensive policy for body shop insurance in New York that a savvy shop owner needs to be aware of. These are essential to make sure that there are no unforeseen accidents that may not be covered on your current policy. It’s an excellent idea to review your policy if you have not done so, and find out for yourself if you have all the insurance you need.

A good body shop insurance in New York starts with coverage for general and umbrella liability. Generally speaking, this covers the basic things that could happen to any repair shop in a variety of businesses. Other components are more specific to your business. One of these is property insurance. When you accept a customer’s car for repairs, he may not always be happy with the results. Just as a surgeon gets malpractice insurance for his high-risk type of work, you will want to get coverage that covers all perceived problems with your work by the customer. A second important coverage is crime insurance. Whether or not your business is located in a high-risk area, you will continually have expensive vehicles stored in your shop or in your parking lot overnight. As you know, automobiles are a favorite target of common thieves. Crime insurance is designed to protect you against these types of problems. The proper insurance will make sure that your body shop is properly covered in the event of the sorts of unforeseen incidents that you see on a regular basis.