If you are the Director of a hospital then you already probably know about excess Workers Compensation, however; if this is you and don’t have this added benefit then keep reading here to find out more. This is an added benefit that you should consider for your organization and the employees that work for you.
You might be telling yourself that you do not want to pay additional money on excess insurance when you feel like you are already paying quite a bit of money for insurance. However, your employees have large responsibilities to take care of and sometimes they can be extreme. One of those can be lifting heavy patients and putting your employee at risk. If this happens and the employee is injured then they will most likely file a workman’s compensation claim. Sometimes, depending on the claim and how injured the employee is then they exceed the maximum benefit. This can leave you with the additional bills and payments. This is where excess Workers Compensation can come into play and offer you an advantage to pay for the additional medical claims.
As you can see, and as the director of your hospital what the advantages of excess Workers Compensation are. You can pay a little money up front for additional insurance and save time and money in the end and in the case of a claim and employee injury.