Workers’ compensation claims management has proved to be a successful way to ensure that the workers’ compensation program works as it is designed, through an arms-length-style mediation. It is designed to make sure that the general aims of the workers’ comp are met in actual disputes. The major goals are equitable resolution to workers’ claims, the ability for a speedy resolution, including a fast distribution to the injured worker, and to avoid the time and money spent settling the dispute in court.

Workers’ compensation claims management companies use several strategies to perform their function. The first is to encourage early reporting by the victim of a work-related injury. This allows the process to begin quickly and keeps salient information from becoming old. At the first notification of an injury, the management company performs and early intervention based on the 3-contact system: the injured worker, the employer and the treating physician. Then the information is carefully analyzed in order to determine what limitations there may be for the employee to return to work. They a plan is constructed to overcome and otherwise deal with the limitations that have been identified. This process is conducted with complete involvement of the injured employee. Both the employee and the employer are encouraged to air all concerns related to the claims, even after the forms have already been completed. This process has enabled a track record of speedy and equitable resolution to worker injury claims.