Daycare insurance provides the protection and peace of mind that daycare administrators and caretakers need in this industry which is rife with mishaps. Some consider the accident and liability risks of a daycare center to be on the level of a construction site or an oil rig. The child clients, so to speak, are much more boisterous than the typical liability client, but on the other hand are also the most vulnerable. It behooves all daycare center administrators to carefully choose the proper insurance for their type of business.

A comprehensive set of policies to make up an effective daycare insurance policy go beyond general liability to include property indemnification. This is especially important for business kept on a rental property. These policies include a sexual abuse liability, which has become a greater and greater concern over the years. For daycare centers with multiple caretakers that are not part of the ownership, this insurance provides workers comp for the employees. Of course, the children themselves are insured as part of a student accident coverage. This is a particularly attractive component of a daycare center to a new parent, who likes the feeling that his chosen day care center will take care of his child both physically and through proper insurance. Modern daycare insurance providers will even provide preventative education to help daycare providers avoid problems in the first place. This type of insurance is important for any daycare center.