With the name “marine” attached to this type of insurance, many neophytes assume that they are reading about some type of insurance having to do with sailing. Actually, inland marine insurance has to do with insurance to property or materials as they are being transported by a range of shipping methods (including using actual ships). It can pertain to delivers on land to land, deliveries across a continent or deliveries across the world.

The name for this insurance derives from the time when products were loaded directly from cargo ships, then transported inland.

Companies that need inland marine insurance can include any business that ships products out from an office or factory. Until you have made delivery to the customer site, you are responsible for the condition of your product, and this type of insurance will cover problems dealing with improper handling or other missteps from your 3rd party deliver service, unforeseen accidents with delivery vehicles and acts of God. Special coverage exists to compensate for late delivery charges when unforeseen incidents delay the delivery vehicles.

Appropriate insurance can also include products held over at interim transit points, or goods that continually move from one point to another. Generally, there is a policy tailor made for your type of delivery, however complex.

Special coverage from inland marine insurance can also cover transfer of data, an important insurance in this digital age.

With all of these options available, a strong strategy is for a company to identify a reputable agency for this type of insurance, and get a consultation for his particular business.