Durable goods and non/durable distributors are businesses or individuals who sell goods to the public, this is in contrast to those who sell services but not goods. A durable good is generally classified as one that lasts through multiple uses or which lasts for at least three years and is also called a “hard good.” A durable good can be rented, such as a car or a building, and is classified under the investment demand of goods in an economic sense. Where as a non-durable good, or soft good, is one that doesn’t last through multiple uses or has a lifespan which is less than three years; a good example of a non-durable good is a household item such as toiletries, plastic or rubber goods, and even food.

Insurance plans for durable goods and non/durable distributors will usually include more parts than the average business insurance plan and a savvy agent will be able to match the right coverage with the right customer every time. Some of the things to look for when finding the right coverage for your customers are seamless property protection, general liability protection, umbrella liability protection, auto and truck fleet protection, and workers compensation protection. Many different companies will offer all or some of these insurance policies to varying degrees and with thorough research you will be able to match policy with client every time.