There are many risks in all the various aspects with health care and medical staffing firms and your clients must be insured against all of them. Comprehensive all lines for healthcare & medical staffing firms insurance may be the right option. You will want a company that offers various levels of care that allows each policy to be customized to the clients’ particular risks.
Companies might offer workers’ compensation, property, and general liability insurance as well as an umbrella policy for excess liability, fidelity bonds, and even auto coverage for both owned and hired vehicles. On top of that, they may offer liability for directors and officers to provide even more specific coverage against any liability charges that might be leveled against those running health care and medical staffing firms.
The types of health care businesses that may be eligible for comprehensive all lines for healthcare & medical staffing firms insurance include home health care providers, as would be expected, along with personal and companion care and their support services. Other firms that may be eligible are hospices, nurse registries, traveling nurse companies, oxygen machine providers, pharmacies, and durable medical equipment providers as well as medical and surgical supply stores as well as other types of health care and medical staffing firms.
Because of the inherent liability risks when dealing with people’s health, it is certainly preferable to work with a specialty firm who can help your clients decide what levels of coverage are most appropriate and set up a policy that allows them to work in the medical field without any additional concerns.