Contractors need to have some good insurance coverage for many aspects of their job. If you are a contractor and you do not have adequate contractor insurance Orlando then you and your business lack a good safety net. If you are a contractor you will have to consider what you need in regards to insurance coverage. General liability insurance is simply a must-have if you are a contractor. General liability protects you from having to pay damages out of pocket if you are found liable for a third party’s physical injury or property damage. If you can afford it, you may also want umbrella liability, which basically just means extra general liability coverage. Make sure you know exactly how much money your liability insurance will cover. If you are found liable for damages that exceed your liability coverage, then you will have to pay out of pocket for said damages.

As a contractor you also need to make sure your subcontractors have their own liability insurance, or they will be included in your insurance policy and therefore increase your premiums. If you have employees in addition to or instead of subcontractors, you will need employee insurance such as employment practices and workers compensation. You should also consider what tools, buildings, cars, and other vehicles you may need to have included in your contractor insurance Orlando policy.