Finding the right attorney professional liability insurance can be a daunting task but you can make it a little easier by knowing what to look for in your future insurance carrier. You already know that it is important to carry liability insurance because a lawsuit can happen at any time. However, your insurance carrier should be a company that you can work with to minimize the legal risks and make a lawsuit less likely to occur. Many attorney professional liability insurance carriers will offer training programs to help law offices understand how to safeguard against legal errors and thereby build the law firm’s reputation and financial stability. It is always a good idea to find an insurance carrier that has been around for a long period of time because they have the experience you need to protect your law firm.
A liability insurance policy is basically there to protect your law firm and your attorneys from any financial damages that can be the result of a lawsuit filed by a client. Attorneys and legal staff are human and mistakes are going to happen from time to time but sometimes, a client may feel that the mistake hurt their case and they file a lawsuit against you for damages. The attorney professional liability insurance carrier that you select should provide coverage for defense costs and any judgments made against you in a court of law. Furthermore, your insurance carrier should sit down with you and explain every aspect of your insurance policy so that you understand your options if a lawsuit is filed.