You may think as a lawyer you would be able to defend yourself if liability issues were ever brought up. You might think that if someone accused you of negligence, harassment or wrongful termination that you would have what it takes to fight them in a court of law. Professional liability insurance is needed for people just like you. You may not realize all the risks of trying to do it by yourself. Even as a lawyer you are still putting yourself at risk for unnecessary things.
Even if you believe that you could win in a court case you would still have to take the time away from your practice and clients to fight your own case. You will be taking a loss because of another person’s accusations. If you aren’t able to fight your case on your own and enlist help you will have to pay the other lawyer to fight for you. With professional liability insurance you will be able to pay everyone involved so you can get back to business much more quickly. You won’t have to take all that money away from your practice to fight a case that shouldn’t even exist. You can protect yourself from other people when you have all the necessary policies in place before you start providing services for them. You don’t have to be at risk for losing your practice with professional liability insurance.