Semi-trucks are one of the most common types of vehicles on highways across the United States. However, not much thought is given to truck insurance, but as with having any kind of auto insurance, insuring these trucks is imperative to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible in the case of an accident.
Truck insurance is like any other kind of auto insurance in that it deals with the consequences of an auto accident. Different policies will cover different things, but you can generally expect auto liability (in which those involved in the accident can be provided help with healthcare costs in the case of an accident), cargo insurance (which is imperative given that the reason the trucks are being driven at all is to transport cargo), and physical damage done to the vehicle if any damage is sustained. While it’s not only important that the driver of the truck be covered for his or her safety, it’s also important to ensure that those around him or her stay safe as well, and are ensured coverage should an accident occur.
It’s important to have a truck insurance policy for a multitude of reasons, but when it comes down to it, the most important reason is simply the safety of the driver of the truck, and all the drivers on the road with him or her.