When you have your own business you should obtain all the proper insurance before you start working with people. You should get a professional liability insurance policy in place so you can protect what is important to you. Many people have made the mistake of getting insurance after they have already opened the doors and that has put them at risk for lawsuits and no coverage when there needed to be. Here are a few benefits of liability insurance.
You should first consider what would happen if you were ever accused of some sort of negligence or misconduct, whether by a former employee or a customer. You would probably have to find a lawyer to represent you and you would have to pay court fees until the whole mess was dealt with. Even if the accuser was wrong you would still have to protect yourself. If you had gotten professional liability insurance beforehand you wouldn’t have to worry about all the fees. Your policy would cover all the expenses that come along with fighting a legal battle. If you had to end up paying restitution you would probably have that covered as well.
With professional liability insurance you are protecting yourself from people trying to take advantage of your profits and good nature. You don’t have to end up going out of business because of a lawsuit any longer.