You may be a small business owner and wonder if auto repair shop insurance is really something you need or if it is an expense that can wait until you are making more money. The truth is if you don’t have insurance for your shop, you may not have a business to grow.
There are just so many things that can happen that if you had to pay for it out of pocket would put you out of business. You watch the news at night and see how crazy the weather can be. If there damage done to your building by wind or some other natural occurrence you auto repair shop insurance would be there to put things right. There may be damage to the exterior of the building; if a window was broken there could be damage to the interior of your building. If you had customers’ vehicles stored inside the building they could have been damage. There is insurance you can purchase to protect your customers’ vehicles.
Then there is the chance that someone could slip and fall on your premises. If you have liability coverage in your auto repair shop insurance it would pay for any medical bills that your customer may incur.
An insurance agent will be able to help you find the right coverage within your budget. Having insurance may be the difference between having a business or having to shut the doors.