As a business owner it is important for you to understand auto dealership workers comp-CA. Because California has chosen not to subscribe to the National Council on Compensation Insurance to establish their rates they have their own unique issues.
Worker comp’s purpose is to protect employees in the event of an injury or illness that occurs on the job. If an employee is hurt while performing their job related duties you auto dealership workers comp-CA will pay for their medical expenses. If the employee has a serious accident that prevents them from immediately returning to work your work comp coverage will pay for lost wages.
Your workers comp coverage is not just for your employees that are at high risk of injury, such as mechanics, but for every employee. The California comp board is responsible for developing a suggested rating system for each type of business. This is not a random rating system. It has been developed over many years from information gathered from past claims filed by the various insurance companies.
Once an expected loss ratio is determined for each type of business, your business’s loss ratio is calculated. If your losses are higher than the expected loss ratio you will have a surcharge on your auto dealership workers comp-CA premium. But if your business’s losses are less than the expected loss ratio you will get a credit. Your insurance agent will help you in making sure you have the best coverages for your situation.