Gold, a precious metal, – just the mere mention of the word can make your heart beat faster. Cultures around the world and for thousands of years have sought it, fought over it, and died for it. Gold symbolizes power and wealth. It is beautiful and enduring. It never rusts away or degrades. For these reasons, it has always had value, and today many consider it an investment essential. If you are in the market for some gold coins, you might consider Canada’s beautiful national mint coin, the Maple Leaf gold coin.

The Maple Leaf gold coin is one of the world’s purest gold coins. It contains very little of the additional metals most mints add to make their coins harder. The gold in the Leaf comes exclusively from Canada’s mines. The design is simple – just Canada’s national symbol, a single maple leaf, on one side, and Queen Elizabeth’s profile on the reverse side. The simplicity results in a beautiful and elegant coin. Because the coin is produced by Canada’s national mint, the weight, content, and purity are guaranteed.

The coins are available in a variety of ounce weights, starting as small as 1/20 oz. As a result, even a buyer with a small budget can begin acquiring beautiful, guaranteed gold coins. The Maple Leaf is available from bullion dealers worldwide. You can buy them from your local coin shop or from online dealers. There are many advantages to owning these gold coins, and perhaps the most basic reason is the sheer enjoyment of looking at them and holding them in your hand. Coin mounts are available so that you can turn your treasure into a money clip or jewelry. Gold is also an easily transportable investment vehicle, a part of your portfolio which you can hold in your hand. Because of its beauty and purity, the Maple Leaf gold coin will make a great addition to any coin collection, and will provide you with a store of wealth that will last for generations.