About Us

The 9thXchange Inc. is the only source for content creators of all types of digital files; music, videos, books, software, games, TV programs, digital art, radio programs, and “yet to be created” digital media files.

The 9thXchange Inc. pioneered the concept of digital collectibles as well as the auctioning of digital files. The Company has secured patent protection for the unique delivery and sale of digital merchandise that is showcased on our retail site.The 9thXchange Inc. is aggregating the most comprehensive and current collection of digital files ever available anywhere, including content from the most current content providers with content from the past 100 years that has never before been available via the Internet.

We are creating the only automated auction exchange for digital files that even reconciles the file delivery and the financial settlement. The automated auction interface allows 9thXchange members to interact electronically with each other in order to obtain the best possible price for their files and file libraries.

The 9thXchange does not produce a product nor ship any products. We are creating a service and infrastructure to facilitate the auction, sale, rental, security, management and delivery of digital files on our own site www.9thx.com or on any of our client’s web sites.The 9thXchange Inc. also provides customized electronic digital marketplaces, developed and supported for a fraction of the cost associated with maintaining an e-commerce business. This includes protection of your brand by offering your content auctions on your own web sites. We provide all system software providing middleware, content and data storage, and product fulfillment services, all tailored to meet the specific interests and needs of the online retailer.