The 9thXchange provides an environment where content creators can auction, sell, or rent their digital merchandise to retail consumers.  The 9thXchange’s flexible software automates the authentication of files, pays copyright owners’ royalties, enforces digital rights, distributes files and manages auctions for trading, selling, and storing all digital files.  In addition, our system collects payments for all transactions in real time.  All digital merchandise sold within The 9thXchange is forever governed through our systems, enabling the collection of royalties to be collected on every buy, sell or trade-even on re-sales between consumers-forever.

The 9thXchange is a customizable, flexible software application in which content creators can take advantage of current and future auction, digital right management, and encryption technologies.  The company licenses system software programs previously created by others, combined with proprietary software development. Since we license some of the significant pieces of software, development costs are minimal. The 9thXchange can remove older technologies and install new technologies.  Therefore, The 9thXchange is never tied to any one vendor or any one source of technology.

The 9thXchange also provides a licensed hosting solution that will operate the auction, distribution, and management of digital files for other companies’ web sites.  The 9thXchange’s customized flexible automated software is one in which any company can take advantage.  Our software application enables Internet portals and major brands the opportunity to offer their own “private label” auction on their site through The 9thXchange’s system’s software application.  Through this service, The 9thXchange earns annual licensing, maintenance, and hosting fees.