You know how certain franchises are just going on and on, and no one seems to want to end them?

After all, do we really need another Spider-man or X-men movie? All I see here is just a perpetuation of mediocrity. Fortunately, Activision had the gusto to say “enough is enough” to Guitar Hero.

I didn’t really think that we were at this point yet with music games, but considering that I have lost count of how many Guitar Hero versions there are, not to mention the Rock Band and other knock-offs (think Band Hero and DJ Hero), I guess I am not too surprised.

Activision has stated that they are seeing a decline in the music gaming industry, and they “cannot make these games profitable given the current market”.

You have no idea what that means to me. It means that the next video game convention that I attend will not have a booth devoted to fans signing and playing faux instruments.

Still, there really isn’t any way music games can be improved, except for new playlists. As long as new songs will be created, there will probably be a demand to play them in a simpler form on Guitar Hero or its derivatives.

In other words, the plastic instrument video gaming fad could live on. That, or we’ll look back on this gaming fad like we do the Powerglove.


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