Transportation InsuranceTransportation insurance costs are on the rise.  That fact can give you cause to be concerned, particularly if you are in the transportation industry, but it can also give you options when it comes to finding the appropriate coverage.  When insurance carriers contend for your business, consumers can benefit from better coverage and competitive rates.  Most transportation insurance needs are unique and require market solutions that not all insurance carriers can provide.  They might include the following:

  1. RSCIA Property Complete
  2. Armored Car Service
  3. Primary Commercial Auto

Coverage Types that are Unique to the Transportation Industry

 The transportation industry assumes risks that are unique, but not all transportation companies provide the same cookie cutter service.  Companies that are located near the ocean may participate in marine transportation and would benefit from insurance coverage specifically designed for that kind of transportation.  Inland and away from any and all bodies of water a company would not have the same risk.  Transportation insurance coverage can provide protection from terrorism, equipment breakdown, and physical damage.  It can also provide the following types of coverage:


  • Property
  • Inland marine
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Rigger’s liability
  • Scheduled property
  • Installation floater
  • Contractor’s equipment

Finding Affordable Coverage

 Finding affordable coverage is usually the main goal of people in any industry, but the coverage must be industry specific.  Get the protection you need by contacting an experienced agent who can offer protection from a wide range of transportation accidents.