Ageism: Why Does This Vette Bed Only Come In Kid Sizes?I’m not claiming that toy maker Step2 is deliberately guilty of age discrimination, but when they go and make a racing car bed inspired by the Corvette Z06, they had to realize it would appeal to more than just kids.

Now admittedly, any adult who chooses to sleep in a race car bed is probably also an adult who’s chosen to spend their lives sleeping alone, but I’m sure there has to be at least a handful of greasemonkey couples who would appreciate a grown-up version of this.

The bed, which will be available sometime this summer, starts at $300, but if you want the version with real working headlights (and who wouldn’t?) you’ll have to pony up a bit more. In the background you might also notice that the bed can be accessorized with Corvette-themed storage cabinets and dressers. So this could actually be perfect for your garage. I mean you already spend all day in there, why not all night too? [Inside Line via Autoblog]

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