Making calls while you’re in the air is something that most of us try to avoid – after all, we’re told to turn off our electronic devices especially cell phones since they are said to interrupt with the aircraft’s communication systems, so the other alternative if you have a really desperate call to make would be to swipe your credit card and make taht really, really expensive phone call.

The next time you want to do so, why not do it in style with the Aircell? This is the first inflight smartphone of its kind in the world, where the next-generation cabin handset was specially designed for business aircraft. Hmmm, sounds as though normal economy class folk won’t be seeing it in action anytime soon. Anyways, enough ranting, let us take a closer look at what the Aircell offers in the extended post.

First of all, the Aircell smartphone will boast intuitive, menu-driven features, letting passengers place and receive voice calls aboard business aircraft in a way that is as easy and convenient as one would do whenever they have their feet firmly planted on the ground while holding a smartphone in their hand. It will run on the popular Android OS platform that will certainly mean you might even get Angry Birds installed on it to keep you occupied apart from the usual movies that they show in the small screen in front of you.

Other groundbreaking capabilities of the new Aircell smartphone includes the best voice quality in aviation, a bright, color touchscreen display that is touted to be the largest in the aviation industry where a telephony device is concerned, Bluetooth connectivity for a hands-free operation, an ingenious design for interchangeable wireless or wired operation, and integrated audio jack for wired headsets & earbuds among others. Expect the new Aircell smartphone to ship from late 2011 onwards, so your company’s business jet probably won’t see this upgrade just yet.

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