Dell’s Alienware brand is one that targets gamers, and I for one, am extremely glad that Dell did not water down the Alienware brand after they acquired it many years back. Alienware continued to maintain their own range of high powered, high quality gaming PCs, although those tend to veer towards the bulky side. It would be very rare for someone to lug their Alienware machines to another’s house for a LAN party – but all of that might eventually change as of today, thanks to the release of the Alienware X51.

This is the company’s smallest gaming desktop to date, but do not let its small size fool you. Capable of high performance capability, the Alienware X51 was specially designed to deliver an exhilarating 1080p high definition and 3D gaming experience, cramming in high class performance in a smaller chassis design that will be able to look perfect in just about any room (except maybe for being in the kitchen).

The Alienware X51 boasts a dual-orientation chassis that supports 7.1 surround-sound audio, in addition to an optional Blu-Ray disc drive just in case you want to enjoy your collection of Blu-ray discs on this instead of on your PS3 or dedicated Blu-ray player. Running on Intel’s second generation Core i processors, the X51 will also be equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT or optional GTX class graphics cards, Wireless-N technology for easy Internet access, HDMI 1.4 for connecting to 3D TVs and watching 3D Blu-ray movies, a couple of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, High-Definition 7.1 Performance Audio and GDDR5 graphics memory.

Even the entry-level configuration is something that will drop your jaws – we are looking at a Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 545 graphics, and a 1TB 7,200rpm hard drive, enabling it to yield an average 34 frames per second in Battlefield 3 – at high settings, and in a resolution of 1080p. Is that jaw dropping or what? To top it all off, the starting price of $699 is definitely a deal clincher for many, I believe. Will you be getting the Alienware X51 as your primary gaming rig now?

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