iFixit was founded in 2003 by two college students. During a quest to repair a laptop they tinkered around enough to realize the huge opportunity to share easy-to-use repair instructions. Years later, iFixit has become one of the best device repair resources on the Internet. Their library of manuals repair guides numbers into the thousands covering everything from computers to phones to gaming devices to small appliances. And most content is contributed via their community of experts. Visit iFixit if interested in contributing your knowledge!

Ever tried to repair a gadget? Inevitably – even if you have a manual – you don’t quite have the requisite tools to hack into your broken gizmo. iFixit sees this need and has also become a resource for parts and tools needed to complete many major repairs.  For the truly adventurous repair-it-yourself person, the iFixit ProTech Toolkit provides over 70 tools at your fingertips. Included are 54 bits, spudgers, opening tools, tweezers, anti-static wrist strap and even a suction cup all for just $59.95.  Expansion kits exist if bigger jobs are in your future. And a smaller home kit exists for those that are a little intimidated by – or may not have the need for – as many tools. Check out all iFixit kits. And BEFORE you open your electronics and attempt repairs ensure that your instruments are up to the task.

There are various iFixit kits available on Amazon.com.

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