Amazon thinks that the future of computing lies in cloud storage, and hence has announced a trio of new services – Cloud Drive, Cloud Player for Web and Cloud Player for Android. Basically, any one of the three allows you to buy anywhere, play your tunes anywhere while making sure your digital music collection remains in a centralized place.

Of course, you can always do it the old fashioned way, which is to start in humble beginnings with 5GB of free Cloud Drive storage, and if you like it enough and feel that life is incomplete without cloud storage, then proceed and make that upgrade move to 20GB of free storage space with the purchase of any MP3 album.

Basically, these services let customers securely store music in the cloud, and they are able to access it at any time of their convenience to play back on any Android phone, Android tablet, Mac or PC. Apart from that, customers are also able to easily upload their music library to Amazon Cloud Drive, and are able to save any new Amazon MP3 purchases straight to their Amazon Cloud Drive for free.

This means you no longer need to go through the hassle of moving music around to different devices, and it eliminates the use of flash drives and cables in the process. To sweeten the deal, all new Amazon MP3 purchases are saved directly to Cloud Drive, where they are stored for free and will not count against a customer’s storage quota.

Of course, there is also the issue of security – well, we’re pleased to say that as a customer, you need not worry about losing your music collection to a hard drive crash ever again. All of your digital music files are securely stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), where each file will be uploaded to Cloud Drive in its original bit rate. Apart from that, you can also purchase your music anywhere, safe in the knowledge that your MP3s are safely stored in Cloud Drive and accessible from any device.

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