Sometimes, while I sit at my desk and toil away the hours working on my computer, I get lonely. It only stand to reason that I would enjoy the company of a friend. My perfect friend would be one that doesnt comment on my work, doesnt eat my food and wont make any noise while I’m trying to concentrate! 

So please welcome Andru! You probably recognize him as a little Android, but he is also a nifty little green phone charger made especially for Android phones, although of course, he will graciously charge any USB-powered device you would like to entrust him with. He comes with a micro-USB plug,but you can also use your own.

 Andru is only about two and a half inches tall and has movable arms and malleable little green antennae, his eyes light up to alert you to charging status (White for standby, blue for charge) and he comes with his very own stand, and cable. He doesn’t disturb, and listens quite attentively. I can also tell by his expression, Andru is incredibly non-judgemental.

Andru is available for only 25 bucks at

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